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Welcome to Seriously Shifters Blog Hop.

I’ve always loved shifters. I watched a TV show when I was little, don’t remember the name of it, that had a woman who could shift into any animal/monster. The animal she would transform into would appear in her eye as a reflection, then the camera would pull back and she would be that animal. Of course, this was in the 70’s, so they didn’t have cool computer stuff as they do now.

Once, I stayed up late on Halloween to watch An American Werewolf in London for the first time. Needless to say, for months I thought I heard leaves rustle and twigs snap whenever I was outside.

My forthcoming novel, Son of Dragons, has a dragon shifter. I would say Dragons are my favorite animal shifter, then tigers, then wolves.

To win a $5 Amazon Gift Card, please answer the question below and leave a valid email address. This contest is open to US and Canada.

What is your favorite animal shifter?

UPDATE – Congrats to Brandi Dagwan the winner of the $5 Amazon Gift Card! 

And thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented.




Son of Dragons‘ Blurb

In a time of false peace, the dead rise as soldiers for the Warloc’s scheme. He has stood ready for thousands of years, for the final battle. Though the witch and her cursed Elvin have destroyed his physical body, with his protégé has honed a new way to wage war.

Shunned by her own people, and weary hearted from years of lost loves, Elvin warrior Mirhana scours the land to silence the undead. Her heart has turned as cold as the sword she wields, until a Prince seeks her aid.

Never has Prince Landon met a woman like Mirhana. Both beautiful and deadly she haunts his dreams. The battle at hand becomes more enchanting than fighting to remain true to his unseen betrothed.

When a traitor emerges, new alliances are tested and the only remaining hope is to follow the prophecy and find the … Son of Dragons.

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65 responses to “Seriously Shifter Giveaway Hop”

  1. I really love reading all kinds but I guess my fav would still have to be wolves. I’ve always loved them. Thanks!

  2. I don’t really have a favorite, I just want a good story. Wolves are strong and can be brutal, big cats are majestic, small critters humorous, and gargoyles or dragons incredibly fierce. They are all fun and each bring something different to the party for me 😉 Thank you for participating in this fun hop.

  3. I don’t have a favorite shifter. . I love shifters that shift into wolves, wild cats, dragons, etc. The blurb makes it sounds like a very intriguing story.
    jessangil at gmail dot com

  4. I’d love to see a bird shifter, but I haven’t really yet. Unusual shifters are fun…I’ve liked the squirrels and possums I’ve read!


  5. I find I am partial to the big cat shifters. Not saying I wouldn’t take a wolf if he wanted me but hey…….then again, maybe a dragon would want me.

    cmucha319 AT yahoo DOT com

  6. I love reading about all kinds of shifters, well, almost all kinds, lol. My favorites would be dragons and gargoyles.

    Your book sounds fantastic. You’ll have to let us know when it’s due to release. Congrats!!

  7. My favorite shifter is the wolf, but your dragon shifter sounds intriguing. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. My favorite shifters are panthers and jaguars. I think they’re fast, sleek and sneaky and I love that 🙂

    • Brandi,
      Wolves are cool. We have a wolf sanctuary near us. Since you are drawn to wolves, maybe you should look and see if there is one near you. It’s really awesome, they let you pet the wolves.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I’m a fan of all types of shifter but wolves are my favorite.
    Thanks for the giveaway! at gmail dot com

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