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Description I was all ready for my school trip to Paris, and then Faerie decided to gift me some weapons.

My name is Rose Fergus, daughter of Max and Anna Lissa Fergus, Jaguar Shifter and Fae Princess. Granted, I wasn’t in line for the throne, but I still carried royal Fae blood.

All I ever wanted was to fight on the side of the Light like my parents, and my family. I was excited when Faerie gifted me those weapons. I just never thought I’d have to use them so soon!

When I reached Paris, which was a mess by the way, thanks to Charbonneau, the half-Drow President they elected, I was so excited. And then I met my mate.

I wasn’t prepared.

At all.

Because my mate, was the hottest guy on the planet. Just ask any teenage girl because they probably had his picture taped to their walls. Of course, it wasn’t Raphael’s fault he was the great-grandson of Aphrodite and Adonis.

How was I supposed to deal with dating a supermodel, while he’s mobbed by adoring fans and paparazzi, fight Unseelie, and keep my very Human class from discovering my secrets?

Join Rose and Raphael as they fall in love, discover secrets, and save France from a Drow Elf take-over!


He leaned down and kissed me, making my head spin. I took a deep breath, cursing because now I had a nose full of his scent, a scent that drove me crazy. Shaking my head, I looked up at him and through gritted teeth, I said, “Later. We’ll talk later.”

He grinned again, and then escorted me back to Ethan. “Sorry for disturbing your dinner. I’ll see you later, mon amour.” He kissed my cheek, nodded at Ethan, and then started back to his table.

“That—” Ethan blinked and his gazed followed Raphael back to his seat. “That’s Raphael Adonis Beauchêne!” he hissed at me, leaning forward across the table.

“I know.”

“He called you ‘his love’!” he whispered.

“I know.” I sighed.

“He’s the most eligible bachelor in Paris!”

“That I didn’t know,” I replied, picking up my glass of water. “Did you order for us? I’m starving.”

“Yes, but…” He eyed me. “Okay. You cannot just disappear with a guy like that and come back here with him calling you his love and not tell me what’s going on!”

“Can’t I?”


“Ugh. Fine. So yeah, we’re… dating,” I lied. Well, okay it wasn’t a lie, but I couldn’t very well tell him about shifters and mates and Fae and all the other stuff that Humans were unaware of. “We met last time he was in the States, and I was at my uncle’s in New York. It’s been a long distance thing, weekends when we can get them… but it’s been this big secret. His fans would flip out if they knew he was exclusive with anyone. So, we’ve been keeping it under-wraps.”

“Oh my God! That is so romantic!” He grinned and then his eyes went wide. “Oh! That’s why you freaked at the Arc de Triomphe! He was there and you weren’t expecting to see him!”

I nodded. “Yep, you… you got me. That’s exactly what happened.”

“Oh God, and now you have to sit here with me when he’s right there,” he gasped. “Oh, that sucks. I’m sorry, Rose.”   

I giggled. “It’s okay, Ethan.”

“Oh! Did he think?” His eyes were wide again. “Did he think we were on a date?”

“He did, but I explained.”

He nodded. “No wonder he looked like he wanted to murder me.”

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About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth A. Lance has been writing since 1987. She was first published in 2011 and then picked up by a publisher in 2012. She has since left the publisher to venture out on her own. Elizabeth writes YA Paranormal Romance, Regency Romance, and Contemporary Romance and likes to dabble in Steampunk.

She currently has five series, The Sunny Springs High series written with Arlo Arrow, The Regency Collection (A series of short novellas), The Agents for the Crown Series (A Regency Romantic Suspense series), The Soul Mates Series (A YA Paranormal Romance Series), and The Goddess of Love Series (Mostly contemporary with a hint of Greek Mythology).

She resides in Southern Indiana with her husband Brandon and their two children. When she isn’t writing, she is substitute teaching, working on her editing business, hanging out with her family, or watching soccer (She is a very proud and loud Soccer Mom). She enjoys watching TV and Movies (80’s movies are her favorite), and listening to music of almost all genres (Except gangsta rap…She is so not a fan!) Her favorite food is Chocolate anything, (Okay not anything, she won’t eat chocolate covered insects, because yuck!)

She loves to hear from her fans and can be reached at or you can follow her on twitter @ElizabethALance.

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