Movie Review – True Blood

Ok, so this isn’t a movie – it’s a series. In weeks of late nights, I stayed up to watch this HBO TV series based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.

I had heard many viewers loved this show. In total admission, I was only going to watch maybe season one. Quickly, I became addicted. I had to know what would happen next.

Each episode drew me closer to the end and wondering the outcome of Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin). She had several lovers, but who would she end up with?

Even though this series is not a “romance”, at several points there was a love triangle, a quadrilateral man tangle and even five men desiring Sookie.

All of this buildup. All of this tension and well-fitting drama. And then, the end. Boom. Nothing.

I won’t spoil it in case you’ve not seen it, but I want to completely rewrite the last episode. The logic is faulty as one of her loves gives her up so that she may ‘have children’ because as a vampire, she can’t with him.

Here’s where my problem is – what if the vampire were human and couldn’t father children? Would Sookie abandon him and move on? They could’ve adopted or even done a sperm donor visit. What if the situation was reversed and Sookie was the vampire, would her human love leave because she couldn’t have kids?

And let’s not even go over Eric – talk about character believability – including he went from being obsessed with Sookie to zip.

Also frustrating was we didn’t even get a look at Sookie’s husband except he had dark hair and a beard. Who is this guy? Obviously human or at least not a vampire.

TrBAnd what is up with the HBO picture of True Blood showing what looks like Sookie with her hair short and crying a tear of blood like a vampire?


My rating for the entire series (except the finale) – 4.5/5

My rating for the finale – 1.5/5


Just in case you are curious, about how I would’ve ended the show … since Bill said he felt more human than he had before he was turned, and Sookie could now read his thoughts (something she hadn’t done before), why couldn’t he had gotten her pregnant? A miracle.

Lafayette could get a visit from Sookie’s grandmother and he rushes to the graveyard. *Spoiler alert*

Sookie holds the stake over Bill’s heart and he grasps it with her, helping her to push it down. Just as it grazes his skin, Lafayette calls out. Bill and Sookie discover that she is pregnant and embrace. Realizing the miracle, Bill and Sookie freeze his sperm, then Bill takes the cure. Later, they find out Sookie is pregnant with twins a boy and a girl. THEN we have the Thanksgiving scene with Sookie and Bill’s twins and everyone else. Sookie could even be pregnant again from using Bill’s frozen sperm.

Eric and Pam stop by as well with Eric giving Bill a hard time about how he still hasn’t given up on Sookie being his, but won’t be the one to ‘end’ him. And the scene dims out with everyone happy.

What do you think? Did you like the HBO Finale of True Blood – or would you have rather seen something changed?

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