Claimed series

Paranormal Romance 

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Claimed Blurb: Incubus Damon hunts for a crystal to stop him from becoming a full-demon. But time is running out.

Renee wants to earn her own archeological dig despite arrogant Damon’s demands. Yet, she gets more than she bargained for when she finds a unique crystal in the ruins of Turkey.

Claimed Excerpt:

As she leaned forward to finish filling her canteen, her ample bosom peeked out. His lust twisted to the sounds she would make when he touched and kissed her nipples until they pebbled.

Suddenly, she jerked up, spilling some of the water. “Did you get a good enough view?”

He opened his mouth, but no words came out. Without waiting for his reply, she stormed away.

Damon flopped onto the water letting his body float. His mind drifted to images of making love to Renee in the water. After he helped her over her phobia, somehow. Hmm, he could kiss her down there while she treaded water.

Nah, she’d never go for it.

This is a business trip. No time for sleeping with the staff, no matter how sexy when arguing with him.


Fallen Blurb: Adeline never wanted the crystal that all Succubus and Incubi crave. But the damn thing won’t come off. Worse, it’s blocking her Succubus’ powers.

Jack is running from vamps and weres. They want his talents, but he just wants to be left alone. Only problem is the vamps want him dead.

Fallen Excerpt: 

Her fingers glided over the Oracle voodoo doll Beth had given them. No, she’d probably be lucky if the Oracle didn’t strangle them both when she met them. Adeline dug out a mint and shivered when her fingers pushed aside the handcuffs in her purse. Snippets of Jack’s hands on her and his mouth and tongue made her think about sending the cab driver out of the car for a few hours and straddling Jack.

She offered Jack a mint and took one for herself. His hand brushing hers as the taxi took a sharp turn.

Focus. It’s only his borrowed powers that make you feel this way. My powers.

She scrolled through her text messages. Most were from men around the world asking when she’d come see them. Delete, delete, delete. Two messages from Renee, one from Damon, and one from her employer. She cringed. Status update pronto. Never taken you this long to bag and tag a guy. Yeah, well she’d never been without her abilities before either.

Working on it. She texted her boss back. Both of Renee’s messages were cryptic. You okay? Any update on the crystal? And Call us when you can we have something to discuss with you. Damon’s text was blunt: Gotten the crystal off yet? Or are you being chased by the others? Others meaning Incubi and Succubus who craved the crystal to amplify their power and avoid becoming demons—or ones who had already turned and wanted more wars and violence in the world of mankind.

If they could remove this crystal without killing her, she’d let whoever found a way to have it.