Editing Tip

There are many great editing tips and even some old ones that still work today:

Pen And Line

  • Print your story on paper and read it
  • Read your writing aloud
  • Read the last sentence of your novel, then the one above it, and repeat

Here’s one I haven’t found, but discovered on my own that always helps me find typos, errors, and some story holes.

  1. Finish the storyGato En Un Teclado. Cat On A Keyboard
  2. Read through it at least once either on computer or print out
  3. Save the draft as a PDF File
  4. Upload the PDF File to your phone (if you have the capability on your phone – otherwise onto your computer).
  5. Change the font to white and the background to black. This breaks up the piece and helps you recognize problems
  6. If the PDF file is on your phone, than you can read it while waiting in line, on lunch break, etc.
  7. Be sure and make notes of changes you want/need

Pencil-pusherI don’t know what it is about this, but I’ve found errors in a document that I had re-read several times. I guess since my mind is used to black type on white paper, it auto-corrects what I read and the mistakes stay. I have found errors in chapters that I swore had none 🙂

Cartoon Cellphone

If you have an editing tip – or have try this one and like it, please share.