Movie Review: Skyscraper

Movie Review: Skyscraper

A man hangs by one hand from a window ledge. A cityscape can be seen far below him.

“Will Sawyer, a U.S. Marine war veteran and now an FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) leader, loses a leg when he and HRT colleague Ben Gillespie encounter a hostage taker with a suicide bomb.

Ten years later, Sawyer is a private security consultant who, on a recommendation from Gillespie, is hired to review security for the world’s tallest skyscraper, Hong Kong’s 225-storey “The Pearl”, for owner Zhao Long Ji. Sawyer is joined by his wife, Sarah, and twin children, Georgia and Henry, staying with him on the not-yet-opened residential floors.

Sawyer meets with Zhao, Gillespie, security director Okeke and head insurance underwriter Pierce, to report that the computerized fire and security systems have passed his tests, though he needs to inspect the offsite security center. Zhao provides him with a tablet that gives Sawyer complete control over the Pearl’s systems. Sawyer and Gillespie head to the offsite location, but a thief hired by international terrorist Kores Botha attempts to steal the tablet.” 1

But Sawyer’s family are trapped in the building with terrorist and a raging fire. Sawyer will risk everything to save them.

I had low expectations for this movie, but it was fun and entertaining. Though I’d expected Sawyer to use his amputee leg to hit a bad guy or two. Overall, I didn’t fast-forward through any of the movie  🙂


My rating 3.8 stars out of 5

Author Photo Andrea

Andrea R. Cooper writes fantasy, paranormal,  and historical romance.

Her favorite childhood memories revolved around creating vibrant characters for her friends and then acting out their adventures. Inside her fantasy worlds of darkened forests, dragon-filled glades, and iced islands, nothing was banned. From the ethereal Elvin to the most maligned Vampires, all were welcome in her fictional realities, a stark contrast to her home, where the magical and mythical was forbidden.

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