Belle and the Beast by Rebekah R. Ganiere

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52853982_543581399467029_3320238641564876800_nShe’s running from her past. All he wants is to remember his. Together they could build a future – if they will just give in to their hearts.

Belle has spent years being abused by Klaus. But no more. Grabbing her little girl Chloe, she flees into the night, praying to find safety for herself and her daughter.

Werebear Dax had spent years tirelessly searching for the memories taken from him. Back in the castle where he was once held prisoner and tortured, he has all but lost hope. Until the moment he hears a child’s scream in the woods and his entire world changes. In an effort to keep Chloe and Belle safe the group flees through a magick mirror and ending up in the one place Dax feared he’d never see again. His home.

As Dax’s old and new lives collide he is caught between his duty, and his heart. And Belle must decide which she wants more, to protect her daughter, or stay with the man who has threaded his way into her very soul.

Winner of Paranormal Romance Guild’s 2014 award for Best Fantasy Series.

*****5 Stars – Beautiful fairy tale about strong woman, who would do everything to protect her biggest treasure.
*****5 Stars – Belle is the beauty, Dax is the beast…the next chapter in the brilliant author Rebekah Ganiere’s personal, creative fairytale retelling of Fairelle!!!
*****5 Stars – An amazing version of Beauty and the Beast.

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