Game Review: Zeus on the Loose

Game Review: Zeus on the Loose

I purchased Zeus on the Loose card game for my kids. For younger ones who couldn’t do the math, we played it as whoever laid down a god or goddess card, won the Zeus for that turn. And whoever had him last won the game.

Below is a wonderful article I found on the game if you wanted more information:

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  • The object of Zeus on the Loose is to be the player holding the Zeus statue when the discard pile reaches 100 points.
  • The deck consists of number cards and Greek god cards.
  • Players take turns discarding one card to the center pile, if their discards brings the value of the pile to a multiple of 10, then they get to “steal Zeus”. Greek god cards include specific instructions, which may include changing the value of the pile, or allowing players to steal Zeus.


  • Zeus on the Loose is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Or any child with good math skills or you can compensate by creating other rules. If your child can create equations in which the sum equals 10, then he can probably play this game, even with a little help.
  • Kids without strong math skills will enjoy playing as a partner with a grown-up.
  • There is a fair amount of strategy involved with the game. We always play several practice rounds of a brand new game so younger kids can figure out a good stratey. My older son always picks up on strategy first, which can cause hurt feelings.
  • Stealing Zeus is the fun part! If you are partnering with a young child, always allow him to hold Zeus. Alternatively, a non-playing child can be in charge of moving Zeus from one player to another.
  • A round takes less than 15 minutes. The official rules state that the winner of the first round receives a “Z”. If he wins the next round, he gets an “E”. If there is a new winner, she will get a “Z”. And so on. You get the idea. The overall winner is the player who wins enough rounds to spell “ZEUS.” Depending on the number of players (up to 5) this can take a while. Alternatively, players can play for a predetermined number of rounds, or for a set time frame.

Have you ever played Zeus on the Loose?



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