Sleeping Queens – Review

Review: Sleeping Queens

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I’ve never reviewed games before, but this one is so cool that I had to share. Sleeping Queens is a card game that is fun for the whole family and inventive.

It was created by a 6yr old girl and though it says ages 8 and up, I know several 5 and 6 year-olds who love it.

The game come with a set of 12 queens who are asleep. 12 kings can each wake up a queen. There are also sleeping potions to put a queen back to sleep but can be blocked with a magic wand. Knights can steal a player’s queen unless that player has a dragon.

There are number cards too for matching and simple math up to 10. For example, if a player has a 2, 5, and a 7 they can lay down all 3 cards since 2+5=7 and draw three new cards.

I can’t recommend this card game enough. Especially if you have daughters or nieces, etc. who love princesses 😉

My rating 5 stars out of 5

Youtube trailer for Sleeping Queens:


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Andrea R. Cooper writes fantasy, paranormal,  and historical romance.

Her favorite childhood memories revolved around creating vibrant characters for her friends and then acting out their adventures. Inside her fantasy worlds of darkened forests, dragon-filled glades, and iced islands, nothing was banned. From the ethereal Elvin to the most maligned Vampires, all were welcome in her fictional realities, a stark contrast to her home, where the magical and mythical was forbidden.

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