Monday Movie Review

Instead of a movie review, I’m doing a TV Show review:

I love the SciFi series, Bitten. Every week when there’s a new episode, I watch it. Which is saying a lot since with two kids under the age of seven in my house, I rarely watch TV and I’ve got a gazillion other shows recorded that I could watch.

A few weeks ago, this werewolf series had some situations that didn’t ring true to me.

*** warning spoiler alert ***

First, Sheriff Karen Morgan trying to adapt to civil life because she retired from the force. Okay, she doesn’t seem that old to be retirement age.

Second, the show had Karen see Elena’s half-brother, Alexei, turn into a wolf. Then, she gets stabbed in the leg and is unconscious. I didn’t have a problem with this and thought it amped up the tension.

Third, they have Karen, whose been a sheriff for many years—long enough to retire—blurt out about seeing Alexei transforming into a wolf. Yes, I know she was under duress, but she’s a cop. I would think she’d have kept that information to herself. Maybe followed Elena and the others. Gathered proof. It just seemed so out of character that she would say this.

Needless to say, I didn’t like this episode. Overall, this series has gotten better and better, but I think they rushed through this too quickly and could’ve played up a ‘human’ knowing about them for longer.


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