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We’re ringing in the New Year with lots of giveaways! And by sharing some fun and wacky facts about ourselves. There’s a new giveaway at each stop so be sure to visit them all! (link at bottom of this post)

5 Quirky Things about me:

1) I love playing video games – dungeon crawler/ hack-n-slash. But with a full time job, family, and my writing, I haven’t had much time to play 😦

2) I have a chocolate/ sugar addiction. Like I can turn away junk food until someone brings desserts – but I can’t stand Milky Way candy bars.

3) I usually repeat things/stories aloud to my husband, family, and friends three times and use the same verbiage. Don’t know why and I don’t realize I’m doing it until someone responds, “you’ve told me this before.”

4) Even though I love reading, I can’t re-read another author’s book. I’ve tried even re-reading my favorites and I just loose interest because I already know the story.

5) I’m not afraid of mice, spiders (unless poisonous), snakes (unless poisonous), tame rats, gerbils or hamsters. However, I hate roaches and wasps – and sharks

And now time for a Giveaway:

Comment below on your favorite or not so favorite thing (animal, quirky trait, etc.) and be entered to win an ebook copy of the following:


UPDATE – VeRONIca is the winner! Congrats 🙂 

Stolen Hearts Book 1:

Stolen Hearts jpgTrained to be a thief from a young age, Crystal is driven to do whatever it takes to find evidence against the man who had her parents murdered. She’s given up her name, love and even her face in pursuit of justice. When Crystal is forced on a blind date with the cop who is investigating her, she finds herself playing a dangerous game of hearts that could land her in a prison cell.

Kade is in search of a new life, after losing his partner. He’s taken a new job, in a new city, and met a new girl. In order to keep his fresh start, he will have to catch an elusive thief targeting one of the largest corporations in the country. Desperate to forget the failures of his past, Kade has no intention of failing.

Secrets can’t be hidden forever.

Amazon Buylink

34 responses to “Hello my name is…Blog Hop”

  1. Hi I love to read and have since I was younger, my favorite books to read are romance, paranormal. Mostly Werewolves, ah I’m lying I love anything paranormal. I love dogs, don’t like snakes (freak me out), bugs ( hate/ love relationship), I love to snack on sweets while reading and glass of wine by my side, I have a couple of series that I can re-read over again and be surprise what is to come in the book even though I have read it.

    • Elizabeth,
      I wish I could enjoy books over and over, so I even you that. Since you really like Werewolves, have you tried TF Walsh? Her prequel, Cloaked, is coming out soon. She has Cloaked in Fur already out and Cloaked in Secret coming out in few months. Oh, and I’m right there with you on the wine. Thanks for coming by.

  2. I understand what you mean about re-reading books. It has to be really good for me to re-read. My favorite color is purple in all shades. I swear if something has purple in it, no matter how hideous it would be in a different color, I’ll like it. By the way, nice cover (I mean it, but the purple helps)

  3. “Comment below on your favorite or not so favorite thing (animal, quirky trait, etc.)…”
    I used to really enjoy pyrography (burning patterns into wood), but I didn’t get to do much of it because my house mates complained about the smell.

    • Josy,

      My oldest son loves sharks too. Wish I’d taken a video camera with me to seaworld when he was nine. He went up to the shark exhibit, soon all the sharks in the whole tank came to where he was standing, then all the people circled around my son (cause that’s where all the sharks were). When my son left, all the sharks swam away. I’ve never seen anything like it.
      Thanks for coming by.

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