Blogger Romance Debuts Interview

Please welcome,  blogger for Romance Debuts:
20141104_103915-2Why did you consider becoming a blogger? 
I have been working on a couple of manuscripts off and on for several years, but the rest of life is so busy that I keep putting writing off. Partly I created the blog to (virtually, at least) surround myself with and be motivated by romance writers who have already gotten published. I thought about what I wanted to learn…and what other aspiring writers would want to know. Then I thought about how new writers would appreciate another forum for connecting with readers, and it seemed like a win win!
How has your life changed since blogging?
I have connected with some really wonderful, inspiring, and motivating people, and I’ve learned so much about the publishing process. The downside? I have less time to write than ever! But it’s crazy; the busier you are, the more you get done, right?
What motivates you to blog?
My initial motivation was to motivate myself, but as I’ve spent more time on the blog, I feel a responsibility to provide new authors with another opportunity to connect with readers. These authors, particularly the ones who are self-published, work so hard to market their books; it’s rewarding to help them make those connections. Soon after I started the blog, someone tweeted to say that she was enjoying a book she’d read about on my blog by the author Margaret Locke. The reader had actually judged Margaret’s book in a contest and recognized it! It felt great to connect these two women again! 
Any advise for a new blogger?
Jump in with both feet and just do it! You’ll learn as you go!
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