#Halloween #Haunted House Novel

Halloween is a few short weeks away. What are your favorite pastimes for this Trick-or-Treat Holiday?

I like reading and watching scary stories.

Here’s one I’ve found:

Caught on FilmStill reeling from the loss of his fiancée, promising young filmmaker Jack Festerone convinces his childhood friend Shawn Dalton to invest in an old mansion with a gruesome past, hoping to distract himself with a new project: Jack aspires to compose the best haunted house script of all time. Ever-ready to ride his talented friend’s coattails, trustfund baby Shawn also sees an opportunity for some great partying and an ‘epic’ reality show. But after they make the cross-country trip to the Ross Estate, and see its strange effects on all who reside there, the ambitious duo begin to question everything, including each other. Will they realize their Hollywood dream – or will they find themselves blinded by the glare of the camera’s lens?

Caught On Film is written in the tradition of the American haunted house novel, like Jackson’s Haunting of Hill House, Matheson’s Hell House, and of course King’s The Shining. As a debut author, Otto does not claim to rival these giants; he humbly offers a modern take on the genre.

Caught on Film was awarded the 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) Bronze Medal for Horror.



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Andy OttoBiography

Andy Otto was born in Flemington, New Jersey but quickly moved to the great state of Texas. After growing up in the Houston suburbs, he attended the University of Oklahoma on a National Merit Scholarship, earning a degree in English/Writing, then obtained a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University. He now practices small animal medicine in the Kingwood/Porter area and is currently at work on a dystopian novel. He enjoys hardwood BBQ, fishing, and spending time with his wife (and highschool sweetheart) Emily, their son, and their houseful of animals.

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