Love and Laughter: A Recipe for Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Meyette

Please welcome, author Elizabeth Meyette:

Love and Laughter: A Recipe for Happily Ever After


I think love can be measured by how many times you make each other laugh.  Without humor, love seems flat.  In Love’s Destiny, the situation that brings seventeen-year-old Emily Wentworth and Jonathon Brentwood together is difficult. Emily’s father, still thinking of her as his “Little Em,” has appointed Jonathon, only twenty-eight-years-old himself, as her guardian During colonial times this age difference was typical in marriages. In dealing with their awkward circumstances, Emily is very grave and determined, while Jonathon uses humor. He understands how desperately Emily wants to be taken seriously.  For example, at their first meeting, Emily wants to appear mature and capable, but Jonathon sees through her guise:

“We have much to discuss, Miss Wentworth,” he said as Etta returned with a tray carrying the decanter and two crystal glasses.

“Indeed we have, Captain,” she replied.

Etta set the tray on the table in front of Emily. The housekeeper poured brandy into the glasses, and Emily was grateful for she had no idea what an appropriate amount would have been. She thought Etta rather stingy based on what was in each glass, but she took them and handed one glass to Jonathon. “Thank you, Etta; that will be all.” She turned to Jonathon dismissing the housekeeper.

“Hmmmph!” Etta grumbled as she left the room.

Jonathon silently saluted Emily and then took a drink from his glass. Emily sipped hers and tried to choke down the spasms of coughing that threatened to overcome her. She had sampled wine before at social gatherings, but had never tasted brandy. Heat spread down her throat and she blinked the tears out of her eyes causing her to miss the fleeting smile that crossed Jonathon’s face. It was a few minutes before she caught her breath enough to speak.

“Captain Brentwood, I loved my father very much and always obeyed him as he had my welfare as his concern above all else. However, with all due respect, sir, I think in this last instance he erred.”

Jonathon raised an eyebrow encouraging her to continue…


There is a difference between playfully teasing and maliciously taunting. Jonathon never taunts Emily, but he does tease her in an effort to get her to lighten up.  Eventually, as their relationship blossoms into love, humor only enhances it, even as Emily tries to deny her love for Jonathon:

“You continue to surprise me, Miss Wentworth,” he said, a twinkle in his eyes. “That last greeting made me almost hope that your opinion of me might be changing. Perhaps, at last, you have found that one redeeming quality for which you had promised to search.”

              Emily turned up her nose and looked away.

              “But then, perhaps not,” he teased. “Although, after the interesting discussion I had with Deidre a while ago, I was sure you must have found something pleasing about me.”

              She peered at him sideways. “Just what was your discussion about?”

              “Well, Deidre seems to feel terribly threatened by you and referred to ‘our relationship’—meaning you and me—quite often. She made reference to old lechers and young virgins.”

              Emily blushed scarlet.

              “Someone has led her to believe that… well, that I have become more than your guardian,” his mouth twitched with a suppressed smile.

              Emily looked straight ahead at the lace that cascaded at his throat.

              He continued, “I do not know where she ever got that idea, certainly not from the warm and loving way you treat me.”

Jonathon’s humor is not cruel or demeaning—it is gentle and loving. For Emily, his teasing becomes one of his most endearing qualities and a solid foundation for their bond. Only in a deeply loving relationship based on mutual trust can humor become an ingredient that spices up that recipe called love.


And after reading the fabulous Love’s Destiny, check out the compelling sequel Love’s Spirit:

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