Jesse’s Nightmare by P.A. Estelle

Jesse’s Nightmare – Book Two of the Jesse Series – a short story that talks about the continuing story of love between Jesse and Ginny Mason.


Jesse's Nightmare - finalGinny and Jesse are expecting their first baby. It’s almost April and even the snow that continues to fall doesn’t dampen their moods – until something starts ripping apart the livestock.

But when Jesse comes home during a blizzard and finds his wife and daughter missing, he chokes on a fear that he hasn’t felt in a long time!





Ginny and Sarah were not quite half way to Etta’s when the snow started to fall. She had kept an eye on the sky but was sure they would be there before it got too bad. She thanked God the wind wasn’t blowing so the blankets she had brought would keep them warm, if the snow didn’t get any worse. But it did get worse, much worse.

She had been to Etta’s many times, but never in a snow storm. The road was completely covered with snow and the scenery looked different. There were trees here and there along the way but every time she thought Etta’s house was right behind some trees, it wasn’t.

“Mama, I’m cold.” Sarah’s lips quivered and her teeth chattered.

“I know, sweetie. I am too. Etta’s place is just ahead.”  What has she done? Should she turn around? Could she even find her way home? Dear God, please help.

They went on a ways farther, but Etta’s house was nowhere to be found. She decided to turn Belle around and follow the tracks back from where she came, but saw they were already covered. Could Belle find her way home? Ginny figured that might be their only chance. She turned the wagon and hoped Belle could save their lives.

Ginny didn’t know how long they had been going. The blankets were soaked. Sarah was on her lap and they used their body heat to keep warm. Ginny kept Sarah talking, trying to make her sing. “Don’t go to sleep, Sarah. Do you hear me?” Panic bubbled up in her throat. The little girl was shivering violently. “Sarah!” She shook her and Sarah started crying.

In the distance, through the falling snow, Ginny thought she saw something by some trees but she wasn’t sure. She clicked the reins and headed that way. As she neared it looked like a building of some sort.

“L-l-l-ook, S-s-sarah. It’s a-a-a house.” Her mouth wouldn’t work.


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Jesse’s Find is the first in the Jesse’s Series.


Jesse's FindJesse Mason is bone tired and just miles from home when a strange sound drifting with a Kansas wind catches his ear.


He spies something hiding in the tall grass.  His temper sizzles at the sight of a horse, dead from exertion, and is ready to string up the cowboy that has done this. What Jesse finds is no cowboy at all, but a woman who has been shot and an infant, both, he fears will not make it to his home alive.


Jesse didn’t ask for this, but he knew he couldn’t turn his back on them.  What he didn’t know was somebody wanted that woman dead and didn’t care who else had to die to get that job done.



Penny Estelle is a best selling writer for all ages, from the early reader to adults.  Her books range from pictures books for the little ones, to fantasy and time-travel adventures for ages 9 to 13. She also, under P. A. Estelle, has written adult stories including a family drama and contemporary, paranormal and historical westerns romances.

Penny was a school secretary for 21 years.  She and her husband moved to their retirement home in Kingman, AZ, on very rural 54 acres, living on solar and wind only.

Penny and her books can be found in the following links:


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