P is for Pay It Forward

J.M. Maurer started her blog campaign about “Paying It Forward”

Special note from J.M Maurer: I’m giving away 3 signed copies of Seeking Love. Anyone interested just needs to sign up through my website newsletter and drop me a quick hello.

SLAmazon Seeking Love (Emerging From Darkness Book 1) by J.M. Maurer

Every day, Jessica Winters does what she does best—bury herself in patient care within the walls of the neuro intensive care unit, keeping herself busy to escape the dark sadness that controls her life. But the day she sees Matthew Moi, the intriguing man seated at her new patient’s bedside, her shattered heart begins to frantically beat once again.

As Matthew pins his mesmerizing gaze upon her, trying to distract her with his humorous and playful banter, she does her best to ignore him. Somehow he already knows a great deal about her, breaking down Jessica’s barriers and awakening her soul, drawing her out of the darkness and into his arms.

When her painful past resurfaces, revealing truths that threaten her future, Jessica struggles through her issues and fights to stay on a healing path . . . seeking love.

Amazon US: bit.ly/SeekingLove

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One thing I knew: I wasn’t that woman anymore. I wouldn’t be her anymore.

My heart was racing at the thought of being separated from Matthew by only the door, and I watched as it opened, knowing he stood mere feet away. I drew in a deep breath to calm my frantic nerves and steady my racing heart. It was the moment my eyes would see him again, and the same moment I knew all involuntary muscle movements would cease.

As Matthew stepped in and around the door, his alluring eyes captured me. The feeling was nothing new. I’d been imprisoned by his gaze before. And locked in it again, I watched as he drifted to me, the indisputable chemistry between us palpable and absolute. His mesmerizing eyes had hypnotized my burning soul, completely bewitching me.

“Hello, Jessica,” he murmured, pointing to an open area of the bed. “Mind if I sit?”

I gave a slight shake of my head, having difficulty forming the simple word “no,” and watched as he made himself comfortable facing me. His crisp charcoal-colored trousers bunched as he scooted on the bed. My sight roamed along his classic plum-colored dress shirt and stopped searching once I focused on his face.

SR Amazon1 Seeking Redemption (Emerging From Darkness Book 2)

By: J.M. Maurer

Publish Date: May 2, 2015

After surviving a bitter divorce and emerging from a darkness that became all too familiar, Jessica finds herself on top of the world, her soulful awakening allowing her to feel again, trust again, and even love again. Her painful past, however, is relentless, both physically and emotionally, bombarding her daily and not allowing her to overcome the lingering demons that ultimately control her life.

As Matthew lovingly guides her toward a healthy future, his own secrets become known, threatening to destroy the trusting relationship that had quickly grown between them. But despite what life throws her way, Jessica pledges to put the past in the past, accepting that events are often out of her control. She fights for a future with the man who drew her out of the darkness, steering her onto a healing path . . . seeking redemption.

Amazon US:  bit.ly/amznSkR

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authorpicAbout the Author:

JM Maurer lives with her family in Chicago. She makes it a point to never work on a full moon and cringes when a coworker uses the “Q” word—never, ever say, “It’s a quiet day today,” at her day job.

Known for being overly superstitious, she can usually be found scraping at the remnants of a Nutella container, screaming at a hockey game, or putting pen to paper, allowing the “real” crazy voices in her head to come alive. And after all this, it’s no wonder she’s an incurable romantic and loves escaping the rat race of life to immerse herself inside the world of a really good romance book . . . because, after all, what’s better than a happily-ever-after?

Find J.M. Maurer Here:

Website: http://jmmaurer.com

Blog: http://jmmaurer.com/blog.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JMMaurerAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMMaurer1

Goodreads: bit.ly/AmznJMMaurer

tsu: http://www.tsu.co/JMicheleMaurer

Amazon Author Page: bit.ly/AmznJMMaurer

One response to “P is for Pay It Forward”

  1. I am excited to have both Seeking Love and Seeking Redemption, books 1 & 2 from the Emerging From Darkness trilogy, featured on Andrea’s blog today. (Thank you very much Andrea R. Cooper!)

    Since starting my Pay It Forward blog campaign, after being a gracious recipient of one, I have hosted or scheduled over twenty authors, and will gladly offer a blog spot for you too. Drop me a hello.

    And although Jessica and Matthew would tell you that P is for Pie, today, P is for Pay It Forward.

    Happy reading! Wishing you health, happiness, and love. ~J.M. Maurer 🙂

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