Knights Defender by Kryssie Fortune

Please welcome Kryssie Fortune and her fascinating novel about vampires and Knights Defender:

Were the Knights Defender a religious order?
Back in the 11th century religion and the afterlife were more important than day-to-day living. Like the Knights Templar, the Knights Defender were fighting monks complete with tonsures. People respected them and the way they stood up for their beliefs. Rank and privilege meant nothing to them.

What did the Knights Defenders wear?
Like all the fighting orders, the Knights Defender wore chain mail topped with a surplus. The Templars wore white with a red cross








The Knights Hospitaller wore a black surplus with a white cross










And the Knights Defender wore a grey surplus with blue cross (In heraldry their colors are argent and azure.


What happened to the Knight’s Defender? Where are they today?
Legend tells us that the survivors of the Knights Templar moved to Switzerland and helped found the banking system. The Knights Hospitaller became the Knights of Saint John. They still look after the sick, but now they call themselves St John’s Ambulance. The Knights Defender had an inner circle that understood magic. Their Grand Master foresaw how money hungry barons would accuse them of witchcraft and wipe them out. He envisaged an order of immortal knights dedicated to truth and justice.


That’s why he created KNIGHTS VAMPIRE.

Want to know what they’re up to today? Then check out Blaxton De Ferrers’s story in my latest book KNIGHTS VAMPIRE

Betrayed by the Knight Defenders and murdered by his cousin, crusader knight Blaxton de Ferrers rose as a vampire. For nine centuries, he’s preyed on the people he once swore to protect. Gradually, as his emotions leach out of him, he forgets how to feel. Then he meets Harriet.

Harriet Mortlake’s a strong sassy woman who battles her weight and her temper. Her job is to seek out the ancient secrets of the castle that was Blaxton’s childhood home. Instead, she finds the love of her life.

When danger threatens Harriet, Blaxton steps in. Harriet and Blaxton, are a match made in heaven. Except… he’s a vampire and to fully claim her, he’ll have to kill her.

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