Movie Review – Transcendence

Movie Review – Transcendence


I loved Johnny Depp in the Pirates movies. In this one-Transcendence a science fiction actin thriller, no fault of his acting, I didn’t like.

I struggled to care about the characters. They felt one-dimensional (pun intended) to me.

There was a point in the movie where Johnny Depp’s character (Dr. Will Caster) or ‘mind’ is in the computer and he’s searching to linkup to the internet and all computers. But soon after, he accomplished his goal.

Then the movie tried to be eerie by having him not only fix a man but implant a ‘chip’ in the guy’s brain so he (Caster) could control him and ‘touch’ his wife. Okay, no. First off, he’s in a computer so I would think his emotions would be slightly altered at the least. Second, why would he concern himself with her feelings like that? Just didn’t make sense to me.


I think this movie could have heightened the intensity in some scenes instead of having them fizzle out. There were plot holes and other issues.


My rating – 2 out of 5 stars

This movie is classified as a thriller – yet to me – it was more like a possum in a monster costume and failing to live up to what could have been an awesome movie.



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