Movie Review – Carrie 2013

Carrie (2013)

Movie Review


Recently, I watched the new Carrie movie. This is not the original with Sissy Spacek, but the one with Chloe Grace Moretz.

Some issues I had:

First, I didn’t feel the actress represented the awkwardness of the character. She was too pretty and good figure – not that Sissy Spacek wasn’t – but the latter seemed to fit into the ‘pre-prom’ clothing better. To me, it almost seemed like she would be in the popular crowd while one of the other actresses who was in the ‘in’-click, seemed like she should have been in the ‘out’-group.

Second, when the prom scene happens, parts of it seemed too silly. It’s supposed to be scary. This is a supernatural horror novel. Yet, I found myself fast-forwarding through parts of these – which, when I saw the original, I couldn’t stop watching.

Third, the ending was anti-climactic. After seeing the first movie, the ending made me jump out of my seat. Carrie 2013 ending didn’t surprise me.

What was good:

  • A new Carrie movie for this generation.
  • Adding in cyberbullying
  • Carrie saving a character (sorry, can’t spoil a part of the movie) 
  • The special effects
  • Having Carrie discover her gift and learn about it on her own, rather than being told

My rating 3/5 Stars

And of course, like with all movies that are based on a book – this one is no exception – the book by Stephen King is sooooooo much better than either movie.

Have you watched the new movie? What did you think?

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