Dead Man Rising and more by Bobbi Romans

Welcome Bobbi Romans and her 2 fabulous covers!     

      Dead Man Rising

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The Society had come to hurt her. Planted a bomb

They failed.

He’d saved her and died doing so. Or so they thought.

He’d been buried and mourned over.

None knew …  he’d only been playing possum.

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*Come explore the creatures of the swamp…and discover a NEW breed of hero!*


                        Also, recently released…



               BR_ICR 453X680


Deep in the Florida Panhandle lies the exclusive club, Iron Clad, run by ex-lawyer China Parker. Most folks strive to get in.

Steel McQuade isn’t most folks.

Happy in his home on wheels, he’s left a trail of broken hearts and pissed-off boyfriends along his moving trek across the states.

Finally parking in Carrabelle Florida, he’s intent on a quiet stint in the small coastal town. He’s sworn off doing buddies’ or boss’s wives. Even if they were the ones to instigate.

He’ll make a little money, enjoy the sites and move on.

Then a tempting invitation pulls him into the middle of a mystery. One involving the owner of the elusive club he’s visiting.

But more than wicked fantasies inhabit the club…someone evil lurks in the shadows, only question is, who?

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Two commenter’s who answer the below question will win their choice of above ebook.

Simply tell me … Which book blurb speaks to you more and why?

Happy Reading


Bobbi Romans




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