Sneak Peek Sunday – Decent into Darkness – PNR

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday

Today I’m sharing my WIP Decent into Darkness – a paranormal romance

I woke to darkness and a copper taste on my tongue. I lifted my hand to rub my face and hit something solid an inch above me. Where was I? I was encased somehow, and pounded upon the silken covered wood above me. Then I kicked with my feet, but nothing happened. No matter how I punched and kicked, I could not break free.

“Help me,” I yelled and added pounding of my fists to my words. “Let me out!”

Nothing. No murmured voices or laughter. I screamed until my voice grew hoarse as I continued to beat and thrash, but no one answered. I tore at the silk pad along the sides. Solid wood. My breath panted as I frantically searched in the darkness for an opening. No light came through my prison. How is it that there was no light? I was bleeding from pounding on the unyielding wood. Blackness surrounded me and I felt my breath hitch. Was I to die here? Or was I dead? Was this my hell?

I scoured the sizes until my fingers went numb. Soon I would suffocate. Already I felt the air stale with my hyperventilating. This was a dream. A nightmare. Another moment and I’d be awake shaking my head at the realistic sensations. I closed my eyes and focused my breath to calm myself. Sleep. I was asleep. Using my left hand, I pinched my other arm hard enough to bruise.

Nothing. Using both hands, I pressed above me hoping to leverage the top off or move it slightly. But the wooden cage refused to open. I beat at my enclosure but nothing budged, not that I expected it to now. But I refused to give up; I would not die in here. There had to be a way out. A lock or something. Even a cell has a lock. I ran my hand down the top. Only silk and wood rubbed my fingers. I felt the edges of the hinges, but nothing I could use from the inside.

Fighting down bile that slowly crept into the back of my throat; I ran my hand down the left side as well. One side to go. Hope made my breath hiss; I ran my hand down the right side. Then my fingers felt a metal latch. I yanked at the handle and my prison creaked open. I scrambled out. My fists clenched and ready for a fight for whoever had put me in there. But no laughter greeted me. No sounds, no one. Looking at my prison, I realized I had been in a casket. How had I ended up in a coffin?

Here’s my dream cast of the hero and heroine 🙂

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Andrea R. Cooper writes fantasy, paranormal, historical and contemporary romance.

Her favorBio Pic 300x400ite childhood memories revolved around creating vibrant characters for her friends, and then acting out their adventures. Inside her fantasy worlds of darkened forests, dragon-filled glades, and iced islands, nothing was banned. From the ethereal Elvin to the most maligned Vampires, all were welcome in her fictional realities, a stark contrast to her home, where the magical and mythical was forbidden.

Divorced and disillusioned of love and believing all the love songs and books exaggerated, she put aside her creativity for life. Many years past before characters, from the familiar to the freshly conceived, came to her again, but this time teasing at a new passion, the written word.

Gradually, her real life hero brought love and magic back into existence. During the time when her characters were getting reacquainted, the love of her life was showing her that true love never gives up and rekindles no matter how many times others attempt to extinguish it. Today, she is happily married with three children.

Andrea believes in the power of change and delighting in each moment. But most fervently, she believes in the magic of love and imagination again.


twitter: @andreaRcooper


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