In the Shadow of Pride by Nancy C. Weeks

Please welcome, author Nancy C. Weeks:

Hello Andrea! I’m so pleased to be a guest on your blog today. I just love the look of your website. It’s so vibrant.  I have dropped by to share the news about my latest novel, In the Shadow of Pride.


9781440580321What inspired me to write In the Shadow of Pride stems back to the first book I ever wrote, the second book in the series, In the Shadow of Evil.


I have always had this secret desire to write but my life was so busy raising kids that I never sat down and tried. Andrea, I have such a deep respect for your ability to manage all the plates you carry on a daily basis and still find time to write.


My writing journey began about four years ago, the day my sister Mary stopped smoking―cold turkey―no gum, no pills―just her strong will and determination. We lost our mother to lung disease caused by years of smoking. Saying that I was proud of Mary was an understatement. I had to do something to honor her. Being part of a large family that constantly challenges each other to be the best person we can be, she asked me to start writing that book I always talked about―and demanded the first ten pages by the end of the day.


In the Shadow of Evil had lived in my head forever. That day, I finally sat my tuckus in front of my laptop and began my first novel. It took a year to write, and as soon as I typed, The End, this empty feeling settled inside me. I loved writing so much that I immediately began the next book, In the Shadow of Greed. Maybe I should have been on this path years ago.  This time, for me, I returned to my laptop and began to write. So, my inspiration for In the Shadow of Pride, and the entire series, revolves around the love and support of family-and I bet you can guess where that concept comes from. The McNeil family isn’t perfect, they argue, even fight, but underneath it all, they love each other.


In the Shadow of Pride is the fourth book in my In the Shadows series. In this story, you will meet the third McNeil brother, Luke ‘Mac’ McNeil. Mac has a tough job as a FBI Special-Agent-In-Charge. He sees the worst that mankind has to offer on a daily bases. One of the most heart wrenching experiences he had to live through was losing his friend and fellow agent, Rico Trevena. Here’s a little snippet that won’t give too much away about the story:  Rico was on an undercover operation and Mac was his handler. The unthinkable happened and Rico dies while saving Mac’s younger brother, Jason [meet Jason in In the Shadow of Greed]. Rico’s last words to Mac: “Promise me you’ll take care of Lexie.”


Mac has tried to keep that promise to Rico, but widow, Lexie Trevena, makes it almost impossible. She has come to hate everything about the FBI and despises Mac because she blames him for Rico’s death. Things slowly change when Lexie is thrown into a huge mess that she didn’t create and the only person who can save her is the one man she hates beyond reason.


I have to say that throwing my gorgeous Mac McNeil and spunky, Lexie Trevena into life altering situations, making them work through their animosity toward each other, and then watching them fall in love on the page is what makes being a romantic suspense author such a joy.


I have brought along a couple treats. Below you’ll find a blurb and an excerpt for In the Shadow of Pride. I hope you enjoy it.



Have questions? I would love to answer them. Feel free to ask me anything and you will become eligible for a drawing for a free digital copy of any book In the Shadow series. Reader’s choice. I would love for you to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.


It was great fun visiting with you.  Hugs to all.


Nancy C. Weeks



Blurb for in the Shadow of Pride


Lexie Trevena buried her murdered husband, discovered he had cheated on her, and signed to adopt his newborn son—all before noon. Now she just wants to raise her child in the loving, supportive home she never had. The last thing she needs is another man to complicate her life, but her best friends feel differently. Their matchmaking meddling accidentally places Lexie smack in the path of a terrorist who intends to use her as his pawn.


The only person who can help her is the FBI agent she holds responsible for her husband’s death.


Special-Agent-In-Charge Luke “Mac” McNeil watched his best friend and partner marry a woman he knew was too good for him, but he did nothing to stop the wedding. He stood by as Lexie adopted the cheating jerk’s son. But when someone goes to great lengths to make it appear that Lexie is responsible for launching a drone into the home of a prominent Texas senator, Mac’s conscience finally speaks up, and he fights for Lexie’s freedom … even though all the evidence leads to her door, and she has never given him a reason to trust her.


Can Lexie and Mac find the courage to forgive and trust, or will their pride stand in the way of love, allowing terrorists to bring another devastating attack onto United States soil?


Sensuality Level: Sensual




Excerpt of In the Shadow of Pride


Lexie leaned her back against the cool stone and made herself release Mac’s hand. She then took a breath of fresh, clean air and tried to hide the shakiness in her voice. “Now what?”

“I’m going to drop down to the roof. You will kneel on the ledge and, using the window to balance, turn so your legs hang over the edge. Let go of the ledge, and I’ll catch you.”

“Are you crazy? I can’t—”

“Lexie, look behind you.”

She turned her head slowly toward the open window. Flames appeared under the door and the small office was completely filled with smoke. One word escaped her lips. “Trapped.”

“Once we get down onto the roof, there’s a fire escape ladder to the street.” He reached for her hand. “Gabriel needs you. We can do this together.”

Finding her voice, she whispered, “Not fair using Gabriel.” She bit down on her lower lip and dredged up an ounce of courage. “Mac, do what you have to do.”

With the grace of a trained athlete, he lowered himself over the side until only the tips of his fingers were on the ledge. An instant later, he dropped, landing on his feet.

“Tag, you’re it, Lexie. Just drop and I’ll catch you. Trust me.”

Lexie’s heart pounded like she had just run the 100-yard dash. After a quick glance into the office, she knelt, and holding onto the window, rolled onto her stomach.

“That’s it. Now just ease your legs over the ledge.”

The instant her feet hit empty space, panic ripped through her and she swung a leg back onto the ledge as her fingers dug into the window frame. God, she couldn’t do this. It was freaking crazy.

“You have to let go of the window frame. I’m right under you.”

“This isn’t the time to be nice to me, Mac.”

“Okay, then how’s this? I’m loving the view of the sexiest red panties I have ever seen that barely cover an ass that will live in my dreams for years to―”

Lexie dropped. Before she could get out the ear-piercing, girly scream that roared in her head, she landed in Mac’s arms. The impact crushed the air from her lungs.

“You’re okay,” he whispered. “I’ve got you.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she allowed his strength and his herbal all-male scent to soothe her. He eased her legs back on solid ground, but she didn’t let go. She couldn’t remember a time in her life when she felt so safe, protected.

She raised her chin and met his amused stare. Of all stupid days to wear a skirt to work. As soon as she got out of this mess, it was going to Goodwill.

Heat spread up her neck and her chest tightened. “This one time, I’m going to let that go.”

“Let what go, Lexie?” Mac’s hand moved slowly down her back to her waist and pressed her tightly against him.

His touch sent a flash of need that had been dormant for too long into her gut. Lexie swallowed but couldn’t look him in the face. “That wasn’t my best moment on that ledge. You shouldn’t have looked.”

“You told me not to be nice. I was saving your life.”





Nancy C Weeks profile pictureBio:


Nancy C. Weeks lives in suburban Maryland with her husband of more than thirty years. With her two grown children out of the nest, she loves spending her days on her deck writing as the local bird population keeps her company.


Find Nancy at:


Facebook :,

Twitter: @NancyCWeeks





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  1. Andrea, thank you again for having me here today. I loved writing In the Shadow of Pride and I am so thrilled to be able to share it you and your readers. Have a great Friday. HUGS!

    1. Nancy,

      You’re welcome. Congrats on your new release! I can’t wait to read it.

  2. Great post, Nancy and huge congrats on your latest release:) Looks awesome.

    1. T.F.,

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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