Love’s Destiny – Elizabeth Meyette – Time after Time bundle

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Today I’m featuring Elizabeth Meyette and her historical romance (one of the novels in the bundle) Love’s Destiny!



The simmering rebellion in the American colonies is the backdrop for this smoldering romance thwarted by a dying father’s wish and opposing loyalties.

When Jonathon Brentwood, captain of the Destiny and committed patriot, becomes the guardian of Emily Wentworth, a young English woman, each expects to meet someone very different.

Emily is not the child of her father’s stories, nor is Jonathon feeble and old as she had imagined. Instantly attracted, both try to honor George Wentworth’s dying wish and maintain the relationship he envisioned.

As passion overcomes them, their pasts and the future of a young country stand in the way of their destiny.



Love’s Destiny excerpt


“Captain Brentwood?  I am pleased to meet you.”  Emily was annoyed at the tremble in her voice.  He bent and kissed her hand, his lips brushing softly against her skin.  Their eyes met as he straightened.  Emily tried to steady herself, unable to make her heart stop beating so hard.  She was sure he could hear it. She reminded herself of her plan, and quickly regained her composure, straightening to her full height.

“You must be exhausted after your long, hurried voyage.  May I offer you some tea,” she paused noting his suppressed smile, “or some brandy?” she added.

“Brandy would be fine.  Thank you, … uh … Miss Wentworth,” he replied still fighting back the smile.

Emily led him into the parlor and rang for the maid; Etta appeared.  Emily knew this would be difficult for Etta still thought of her as a child.

“Two brandies please, Etta.” She raised her chin as she had practiced before the mirror.  Etta started to protest, but something in Emily’s eyes stopped her, and she hurried off to get the drinks.

“Please sit down, Captain Brentwood,” Emily said coolly as she sat on the end of the settee.  To her confusion, Jonathon sat beside her rather than in the chair she had indicated.  A crooked smile played around his lips as though he attempted to hide a joke. He thought of the “Little Em” of George’s stories and chuckled to himself.  Nothing had prepared him for this beautiful girl who was trying so hard to be a woman.

“We have much to discuss, Miss Wentworth,” he said as Etta returned with a tray carrying the decanter and two crystal glasses.

“Indeed we have, Captain,” she replied.

Etta set the tray on the table in front of Emily. The housekeeper poured brandy into the glasses, and Emily was grateful for she had no idea what an appropriate amount would have been. She thought Etta rather stingy based on what was in each glass, but she took them and handed one glass to Jonathon.  “Thank you, Etta; that will be all.”  She turned to Jonathon dismissing the housekeeper.

“Hmmmph!”  Etta grumbled as she left the room.

Jonathon silently saluted Emily and then took a drink from his glass.  Emily sipped hers and tried to choke down the spasms of coughing that threatened to overcome her.  She had sampled wine before at social gatherings, but had never tasted brandy.  Heat spread down her throat and she blinked the tears out of her eyes causing her to miss the fleeting smile that crossed Jonathon’s face.  It was a few minutes before she caught her breath enough to speak.


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Elizabeth MeyetteElizabeth Meyette Bio:

Poet, blogger and believer in dreams-come-true, Elizabeth Meyette’s journey has taken her through a career in education to a career in writing. Elizabeth put her first novel, Love’s Destiny on the shelf while she taught English, Journalism and Library Science/Technology.

Upon retiring from teaching, she dusted off Love’s Destiny, polished it and submitted it to Crimson Romance, who published it in June 2012. Unlike her first novel, the sequel, Love’s Spirit took only seven months from inception to submission, and was published in April 2013.To coin a friend’s phrase, she didn’t retire, she “refired” and loves her second career as a writer. Her latest novel, The Cavanaugh House, is a mystery set in 1968 in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.  She has also published poetry and freelance articles. Elizabeth’s current projects include a play, a chapbook of poetry and children’s books.

Elizabeth and her husband Richard live in the Great Lakes Bay area of Michigan. They made an agreement that she cannot cook on writing days after he had endured burnt broccoli and overcooked chicken.  Fortunately, Richard is an excellent cook.

Visit Elizabeth at Her blog, Meyette’s Musings, can be found at

Elizabeth’s books are available at:


Barnes & Noble



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