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Alana returns to her hometown to investigate a series of disappearances, but coming home means facing the men who are her wizards and mates. A spell forces her to work alongside the sexy-as-sin brothers and the heat of their ménage flares to life. Her inner shifter wants to emerge and claim her men, but there’s so much unsaid between them.

Kane and Michael have waited years for Alana. Their Familiar fled without explanation and this time she’s not going to slip away. Their shared magic grows more intense with each passing day, but they mean to show her that there’s more than a mystical bond between them. Michael and Kane will use the sizzling desire to lure her closer until she realizes she belongs with them.

Even as Michael, Kane and Alana savor the passion, they must discover who’s behind the kidnappings, before their chance at forever is taken away.



“We’re not boys anymore. We’ve thought about this for years. Now, trust us to know what we want and just let things go naturally. If that means you jump us, then we’re not going to complain about it.” Kane nibbled at her neck.

Alana chuckled. “Nice image and it might not be too far off from the truth.”

“Not running scared. Now relax a little and just enjoy. We’ll go no farther than you let us.” He moved a little closer and rested his palm on her stomach. Her muscles tightened beneath his hand, but she didn’t grab for him.

“You’ll know if someone comes close?” She met his eyes squarely.

He knew with that question she was agreeing to their touch, but he held in the shout of triumph. He put up a shield net around them. It wouldn’t hurt anyone who encountered it, but it would warn them of the approach. “Before you get even a whiff of a strange scent, we’ll know.”

“Um, you’d better be sure of that.” She smirked tauntingly. “My nose is very good.”

“We’re doubly sure, baby.” Kane nipped at her neck and pulled her closer. “Now give me a kiss and let us get acquainted with your body.”

“You held me last night,” she whispered the words. She leaned toward him and her mouth raised for the kiss.

“Not like we wanted to. We had clothes on and I wanted to feel every inch of your skin on mine.” Michael drew his hands down the outsides of her thighs and then back up them. He didn’t want to force her into more than she was ready to accept.

“I wanted that too.” Alana barely got the words out before Kane’s lips covered hers.

Michael explored the curve of her thigh, ass and up to her waist. He pushed the shirt up while his hands traveled over the warm skin of her belly. He wanted to go slow, but he needed to touch her in some way. He’d love to see it, but he wanted to let her relax a little more.

She moaned and her stomach tightened beneath his fingers. He loved the sound. He wanted to learn how she responded to the feel of his lips, what she liked and what sent her right over the edge. His imagination didn’t come close to how sweet it was to touch and simply be with her.

“What do you want us to do? What do you like?” Michael trailed his fingers up her ribs.

Alana wiggled. Her mouth tore away from Kane’s. “Tickles a little. Touch me anywhere. My breasts, my legs, my—”

Michael held back a laugh when her voice cut off as Kane’s lips once again closed over hers. Michael took the “anywhere” as an invitation. He unbuttoned her shirt slowly. He gave her time to object to the touch. She didn’t even tense. Once he reached the last button, he spread the fabric wide, baring her to his gaze.

He licked his lips at the sight of her breasts in a pink lacy bra. He wanted to peel the the delicate lingerie off of her slowly, but at the same time, he ached to rip it away and bare those gorgeous mounds. The fabric loosened and he realized his brother must have unfastened the catch at her back. Michael tugged it down and let it hang beneath her breasts, the straps caught up on her arms with her shirt.

Those firm mounds entranced him. They were perfect. Not too full, but enough to provide a nice bit of cleavage and the perfect amount to suck and nibble. He reached out and drew his fingers across the underside of one. He traced the mound, staying carefully away from the nipple even though he’d love to touch and taste. Not too fast. He kept the litany in his head. Her hand covered his and pressed it to her breast.

He reveled in the knowledge she wanted more. He was happy to give it to her.  His fingers tightened He squeezed the mound and stroked his thumb over the taut nipple. Her back arched, mashing her breast tighter into his hand. A soft groan rolled from her, muffled by Kane’s mouth. Michael used his free hand to pluck at the nipple of her right breast while he squeezed and caressed the left.

“One day, I want to stretch you out on the bed and simply look at you for a while. Then I want to take my time sucking at these nipples and discovering how sensitive they are.” Michael flicked his thumb across her nipple at the same moment he plucked the other.

Alana groaned and her legs shifted restlessly.

“I think she liked that. Check and see. I’ll take care of this.” Kane’s hand took the place of his on one of her breasts.

Check and see, definitely his pleasure. He let his hand trail down her bare stomach to the closure of her pants. He’d love to strip her out of them, but she’d feel to exposed and vulnerable here. Drawing his fingers over the zipper, he let his eyes trail up over her taut body. His fingertips trailed down the seam between her legs.

“I think I feel a little moisture here.” Michael drew his finger up and down the seam over her sweet cunt.

“Touch me, Michael.” Alana’s thighs widened more and her hips lifted.

“Better give our Familiar what she needs. She might decide to make you pay if you don’t.” Kane spread kisses from her neck back up to her lips.


Bio:  Rebecca Airies writes fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi romance. She’s been a dreamer all of her life. She loves getting lost in the lives of her characters and learning about them. In her free time, you might find her reading, writing (Yes, she write in her free time, too—bad poetry, flash fiction and you never know when the muse will strike), gardening, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.  A native Texan, she was raised in small town, but now lives in Abilene. Rebecca would love to hear from you, visit her website and drop her a note. You can find her books at Ellora’s Cave.





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