N is for Nightmarchers

N is for Nightmarchers

These are ghost of Hawaii’s warriors. They are believed to rise from their tombs and march to either past battles, scared places, or to escort a dying relative to the spirit world. However, if you are not dying or dead and see a Nightmarcher, then you will die. They march from sunset to sunrise – so if the sun is coming up, you should be fine. If you hear marching or chanting at night, stay inside.

Some say you can be saved if you do see a Nightmarcher if one of the ghosts is your relative or if you lay face down on the ground. Laying face down is also a way to show respect. Or you could try Ti leaves which are believed to keep out evil spirits including the Nightmarchers from drifting too close.

I’ve been to Hawaii, once so far, and while it is a beautiful place, I’m glad I didn’t see any Nightmarchers šŸ™‚

ā€œ “The first thing you will hear is drums in the distance, then you will smell a foul and musky odor, and you will hear a conch shell being blown, for fair warning to get out of the way, and you will see torches getting brighter and brighter as they get closer. Your best chance is to have an ancestor that recognizes you, they will call out,”Na’u!” which means mine. But if you are in the night marchers’ bloodline no one in the procession can harm you. No matter what you build in their path they go straight through it. The night marchers are the vanguard for a sacred chief or chiefess who unusually have a high station in life.” – Po Kane.Ā 


1 Haunted Hawaiian Nights by Lopaka Kapanui


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