E is for Einherjar

E is for Einherjar

Einherjar, in Norse legends, are the slain warriors in Valhalla. Even though they are eating and drinking, they are also preparing for the end of the world battle know of as Ragnarök.

“What sort of dream is that, Odin?

I dreamed I rose up before dawn
to clear up Val-hall for slain people.
I aroused the Einheriar,
bade them get up to strew the benches,
clean the beer-cups,
the valkyries to serve wine
for the arrival of a prince” 1


Bram, my Viking hero from Viking Fire – Historical Romance with a touch of magic believes in the Einherjar and considers it an honor to die during battle so Valkyries will take him to Valhalla with the others.



1 Faulkes (1995:69).

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