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Thank you, Andrea for having me on your blog today!

So, series are a big thing lately. And before, I never imagined myself being a series writer. Then along happened my Love and Music In Texas series. I’m working on book 3 right now, and having a blast. Okay, I can get used to this series thing….

My muse is in overdrive. Why?

I’m juggling 3 series! OMG! STOP ALREADY!!

My beta reader loves to fuel my head with ideas. My first book of course was The Secret Santa Wishing Well. That wasn’t meant to have a follow up. What did I release in November? On the 12th Date of Christmas. Robin’s story. Readers wanted more of them! So my beta reader had ANOTHER idea for someone to get an HEA. Okay, I can do that…

I wanted to write a standalone book, something to throw in. Enter A Masterpiece of Our Love.


Wait, you say. Isn’t this a trilogy?

Yes, yes it is. Why?

Because my muse is having way too much fun with me.  I realized at 50,000 words that Hunter and Becca had more story than I could fit in a single book. There was so much I could do with them. I’ve never thought of writing a trilogy with the same characters as the leading H/h, but okay, I embraced the idea.

Now my husband relentlessly teases me that I can’t write a standalone to save my life.  (Next year, muse. We will prove that man wrong!)

While I love standalone books, I admit, I do enjoy a good series. It never used to be that way for me before, but I admit. Series are wonderful! And, I’ve even been enjoying trilogies with the same characters.  I just never thought I’d be writing them. 🙂

What do you think? What do you love about series/trilogies? What do you love about standalones?

Blurb: Two Lives Torn by tragedy

Eight year old Becca and twelve year old Hunter cling to each other and life after surviving a plane crash which stole their families.

Two Souls Seeking Love

Each year from the time she was old enough to travel on her own, Becca met up with Hunter on the island that altered their lives forever.

Until he stopped showing.

Her constant. Her link to the past. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Two Lives Bound by Secret

Suffering more heartbreak, Hunter returns to the one place he’s always sought comfort.
The island where he and Becca met. The place that stole from him, and in the same instance gave to him. He hasn’t been back or spoken to Becca in four years.

Though he’s sure she must hate him for disappearing, Hunter discovers the girl gone, now a woman in her place. Hunter is determined to prove to Becca he isn’t the same twelve year old boy of yesteryear.

But someone isn’t happy about their reunion…

Strange things begin happening, letters showing up in their hotel rooms and at home with cryptic messages.

Two Broken Hearts Heal as One.

With the mystery unsolved, Hunter convinces Becca to spend the remainder of the summer back home with him. For safety and to give them a chance to rediscover the adults they’ve now become.

Will love get a chance to blossom or will the past come back and tear the masterpiece of their love apart, once and for all?


Becca grabbed the paintbrushes to wash them. She ran her thumb over the bristles under the water so she could thoroughly get as much paint out as possible. She set them on the counter and washed her hands, then left the bathroom. She stood before Hunter’s office door, poised to knock. Why did she find it so intimidating to knock and say hi? She didn’t have an answer to that one. Just as she was about to walk away, the door opened.

“Hey!” Hunter shot her a tired grin before moving to pull her in for a hug. “Morning. How long have you been up?”

As she wrapped her arms around him, she let out a laugh. “Hunter, it’s after noon already. Morning is long gone.”

“Is it really?” At first she thought he might have been joking, but the confusion in his tone proved otherwise. “Damn. Guess I’ve been out of the loop. Why didn’t you come get me earlier?”

“You seemed busy.”

Hunter dipped his head to kiss her. “You don’t ever have to worry about that. I’ll always have time for you. Next time, come get me when you’re awake. I don’t want to miss a minute more than I have to with you. I didn’t mean to spend so much of the day hidden in my office. I woke up from another dream and there was a face of a girl on the plane that I’ve never dreamed about before. So I went to go see if I could find anything about another passenger. Then I ended up calling Range’s to see if they ever found anything out. All they had was that someone paid one of their younger workers, a seventeen year old, to put the letters under our door, but the kid is not saying much more. Oh, and the estimate came in for the boat damages. Not as bad as I thought. That’s what I’ve been spending the morning doing.”

Becca let all the information soak in. The one that stood out the most was his dream of another girl on the plane. She had such vague memories of that night. It scared her beyond belief that there might have been another person that survived. Dread squeezed her gut.

“Bec? You okay? You’re so pale.” Hunter caressed her cheek. She snapped back to reality and looked up in his eyes.

“I keep wondering now if someone else made it and we don’t remember.” If that were true, she had no words. None. They had it rough before they were found, but at least they’d been together. If there had been someone else and the person went through it alone. Ugh. She couldn’t imagine.

“I know. I keep thinking the same thing. I searched all over the water near the plane that night, looking for anyone that survived. I remember that well. I checked every single-” Hunter stopped and swallowed hard. His eyes darkened.

He didn’t even have to finish talking for Becca to know what he meant. He’d checked every single passenger for signs of life. While she’d known that, she never put much thought into the reality of him having to do all of it. Releasing a deep sigh, she snuggled herself even closer in Hunter’s arms and rested her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. They stood in silence, holding each other for comfort.



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15 responses to “Nikki Lynn Barrett – Guest Post – Series”

  1. Beautiful cover! Fun interview! I love reading and writing series. I, too, have a hard time writing a standalone 🙂 Too many characters who want their own books! Can’t wait to read this one, Nikki!

  2. I love series books. My idea is that if I find an author or book that I love, then the series would be a one-click. 🙂 Best of luck Nikki! I loved your Holiday series. Tweeted.

    • I’m loving series too! They’re addicting! Thank you, Melissa. So glad you enjoyed my holiday stories!

  3. What do I think about trilogies. Don’t call it such. Before you know it your trilogy will have four books and you’ll look silly, just like Douglas Adams…or me. A Long Road to Love was supposed to be 3 books, but now it wants to be 6 books. AKA twin trilogies. As you know, once you breath life into secondary characters they want their own book.

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