The 2nd season of Vikings! The History Channel’s TV show is coming tomorrow, February 27th.

Are you ready?

I already have it marked on my calendar and the DVR ready to go.

In the first season, the History Channel TV series Vikings had an estimated six million viewers. I know not all of the viewers were men, because several of my girlfriends and I watch this show.

But why? Why do Vikings have such an appeal for women and romance readers?

Escapism. We can fantasize about a Viking sweeping us away from our every day life. After all, isn’t that what reading-regardless of genre is for? The dirty dishes and laundry pushed aside while our Viking hero sails away with us on his dragon ship.

History. (I had to throw that one in there.) It is fascinating to get a glimpse of how people lived, and what they believed over a thousand years ago. Historical fiction and romance have come a long way. No longer are they just bodice rippers…darn, err I mean they now have a plot that could rival any soap opera. If you have the shallowest pulse for liking history, this new generation of history will seduce you.

Sexy. We have the image of Vikings as being tall, fit, and blond. However, I think it goes beyond this to their attitude. Vikings took whatever they wanted without remorse. None of them had to take assertiveness classes. There is something very sexy about a man with confidence.

Variety. Historical fiction and Romance novels about Vikings range from the brutality of real-life, to sizzling, to humorous.

And no, real Vikings did not wear helmets with horns on them.

If you can’t wait for the Viking’s TV show, here’s an excerpt from my Viking historical romance, Viking Fire:


Outside he released her, but blocked her path to re-enter the hall. The music resonated around them. Leaning against the far wall, she crossed her arms.

She was two feet away from him, but he was too close. This Viking, her betrothed against her will.

“I thought the air would clear your head.” He cocked his eyebrow, examining her.

“My head is fine, thank you.”

“Aye, and the rest of you is fine to look at too.” His thick dialect chased shivers through her.

Her hands smoothed her gown. She caught herself and stopped. At seeing his grin, her frown deepened. “I believe it’s improper for you to stare at a lady so.”

“Would you rather I stare at you on our wedding night?” She opened her mouth to speak, but he continued. “Whilst you are without clothes?”

“I assure you, sir, we will have no wedding night.” Her blush radiated from her chest and spread between her legs.

“You wish to wed during the day then?” He took a step closer. “Very well, daylight will be all the better to see you.”

Music and laughter from inside filtered through the night air. He strode toward her.

She braced for his advances, wondering if she had the strength to inflict enough pain

to make him reconsider. Part of her wanting to run, the other part daring him closer in challenge. God’s toenails, how could she have forgotten her dagger?

A breath from her, he stopped. Her heart hammered in her chest.

His fingers brushed aside a strand of her auburn hair that had slipped from her braid.

The brief touch sent fire coursing through her. Afraid her legs would give way she leaned farther against the wall.

What do you like about Vikings and/or the TV show?

Images curtsy of Google Images: Labeled for commercial use and distribution.

5 responses to “Vikings!”

  1. I’ve seen the previews for Vikings on TV for a while. It look fantastic, but I never got around to watching the show. I might just have to find a day to watch them on Netflix.

  2. I started watching the first season and loved it… then I don’t know what happened… lost track of it. Need to get back into it:)

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