Writer Tip – Media Kit

It wasn’t until I became a published author that I heard the term “media kit”. Then, I thought all writers knew about it. Recently, I found out I was wrong. I got a praise from a blogger for giving them my media kit which made my spotlight easy for them to post. None of the other authors provided one.

Hearing the blogger tell me this, it got me thinking, maybe media kits need to be discussed so that others can utilize this valuable tool.

What's That??

Note: There are lots of media kits, not just for authors. However, for this post, I will discuss only those for writers.

What is a Media Kit?

Simply, it is a document that holds the following:

  • Book Covers
  • Blurbs
  • Excerpts
  • Bio and Bio Photo
  • Links – both Buy links and all media links


You may also include the following if you wish:

  • Review snippets. Have great reviews? You can list them in the media kit, shorten them so it’s similar to editorial reviews or “here’s what critics are saying” tags for movies and books. AND ask permission from the reviewer to use their words AND credit them for their comment.
  • Interesting tidbits about you or your novels.
  • Awards, etc.


Why create a Media Kit?

  • Saves time
  • Makes the writer/author look professional
  • It’s beneficial for both writer/author and whomever receives the kit: which helps create a favorable opinion of you.

Not only do I send my media kit to bloggers, but anytime I need to copy and paste a buy link or my facebook page, I go to one source instead of having to open up another internet tab.

Also, I recommend making several media kits – one that has all your books and information, and one for each book. Title them: Media Kit – All and Media Kit – “Title of book or genre”. Then if you write romantic suspense and fantasy, but the blogger only promotes fantasy, you just send them the media kit that only has the relative information. I use the title Media Kit for mine so I can easily locate them all at once, but you can title it whatever you wish.

It does take a little time to gather all this information, but it will save time in the long run. As well, I think it makes an author look professional and organized.

Pencils How to create a media kit?

  • Use either MicroSoft Word or PDF File.
  • Save it under whatever want, but I recommend Media Kit – that way you won’t have to remember if you saved under genre, your name, book title, etc. – those names can go after the title Media Kit.
  • Copy and paste your books, information, etc (see above What’s in a Media Kit for specifics).
  • Put into order, have your Bio photo with your Bio and not somewhere else in the document. I did mine as Book Cover, Blurb, Excerpt, Bio & Photo, Links, then Buy Links.
  • Links – You can get short links by going to Google and typing in “shorten url”, then copy and paste your buy link in the slot and hit enter. Viola.

If you have any suggestions on how to make a media kit, please share them with us. Or let me know what you thought of this article.  Thank you.

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