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Please welcome D’Ann Lindun:

There’s something about cowboys.

Maybe it’s the hat. Or the jeans. Or maybe it’s the boots. Perhaps it’s all of it.

I’ve done a few top ten lists, so won’t repeat them, but a few things are his horse. His dog. His pickup truck. Country music. Chaps (pronounced shaps, not chaps). The way he treats his mama.

I’m bred and born cowboy, so that’s what I’m attracted to. They say opposites attract, but not for me.

My dad’s a cowboy. My husband is a cowboy. My brother-in-law and nephews are all cowboys. Most of them at this stage don’t make their living that way, there aren’t a whole lot of cowboyin’ jobs any more, but they are cowboy to the bone, under the skin, where it matters.

Once in awhile, I leave the cowboys and write a FBI agent, or other non-cowboy type, but in A Cowboy To Keep, Cody Utah is a true-blue rodeo cowboy.

Cody cover

Blurb After Laney Ellis’ husband is killed by a bull, she is left to run their small cattle ranch and raise their son, Justin, on her own. Despite some of Laney’s worst fears, the dream Justin holds dearest is to be exactly like his dad, a champion bull rider. He finds his chance when world champion bull rider Cody Utah moves in next door.

Although attraction between Cody and Laney flares, neither act upon it. Laney refuses to get her family involved with another bull rider, and Cody has heard rumors Laney trapped Wyatt, her late husband, into a high school marriage by getting pregnant.The last thing Cody wants is children.

At a rodeo, Justin is thrown and knocked unconscious. As Justin lays in the hospital, Cody begs Laney to forgive him. He realizes he loves her enough to discourage Justin from the sport. Will Laney let Cody into their lives? Will Justin ride again?



Laney closed her eyes. She’d never had Wyatt’s devil-may-care attitude and, when she’d let her own natural caution be swept away by his spirit, she’d ended up pregnant. If only Wyatt were here. He’d know how to talk to his son about sex and head him off from a teenage train wreck, but he’d know what to do about the bulls, too. Wyatt wouldn’t be so cautious there. She knew what he’d do without thinking on it too much. He would not only tell Justin to go for it but to go balls to the wall.

The door slammed, drawing her attention out of the past.

Two cowboys stood talking to Mary Beth Grable, the hostess.

Cody Utah. And someone she didn’t recognize. Her heart jumped in an unfamiliar pattern, and she looked away.

From here, she heard Justin say, “Hey, Cody, come sit with us.”

Cody paused, and she hoped he would refuse. His friend shot him a glance, and his voice clearly reached her ears. “Thought you didn’t know any good looking women. Introduce me, will you?”

Acting as reluctant to sit with her as she was to have him, Cody slid into the booth next to Justin. His friend took the space next to Laney.

“You’re Luke Greer. You’re famous.” Justin said the words as if he’d met his god.

Luke laughed. “Smart young fella, aren’t you? Who are you?”

“Justin Ellis.” He held out his hand, and they shook. “Nice to meet you.”

“Does your pretty mom have a name?” Luke winked at her, and Laney blushed.

Justin motioned to her. “Mom, er, Laney Ellis, meet Luke Greer.”

Luke took her hand. “The pleasure is all mine.”

Pulling her hand back, Laney said, “Thank you.”

Justin didn’t give her time to say anything else. “What are you doing in town, Mr. Greer? Are you teaching bull riding, too?”

“Yep. This is keeping me out of the mix for a while.” He laughed and stuck a casted leg into the aisle. “So I came to help my old buddy get his school off the ground. I don’t know how much help I’ll be though.” Luke turned to Laney. “Ellis. That name is familiar. Did you break my heart somewhere a long time ago? I think I would have remembered you, but maybe not if I took a spill and hit my head.”

She rolled her eyes.

Cowboys. All full of hot air.


my author picBio: Falling in love with romance novels the summer before sixth grade, D’Ann Lindun never thought about writing one until many years later when she took a how-to class at her local college. She was hooked! She began writing and never looked back. Romance appeals to her because there’s just something so satisfying about writing a book guaranteed to have a happy ending. D’Ann’s particular favorites usually feature cowboys and the women who love them. This is probably because she draws inspiration from the area where she lives, Western Colorado, her husband of twenty-nine years and their daughter. Composites of their small farm, herd of horses, five Australian shepherds, a Queensland heeler, two ducks and cats of every shape and color often show up in her stories!

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  1. Darn it, D’Ann. I’m swamped. Why do you have to go and leave such a fabulous excerpt that I have no choice but to buy and read this book. Do you have any idea how swamped I am. It’s just cruel, I tell you. CRUEL.

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