Bobbi Romans and prizes!

Please welcome author, Bobbi Romans.

Tis the Season to be Eaten…Just saying.

So we all know this is it. Any day now and it’s on like Donkey Kong. For real. The racing around to get shit done which also means…

OH MY GOD…why does the toilet think it’s Old Faithful?

You forgot to turn the OVEN on?

Who the hell stepped in the dog shit?


Bag? What bag IN the turkey?

Yup, yup–always something.

Well here’s the thing…I have an AWESOME book I’d LOVE for you guys  to read coming out

Black Friday

and you don’t even need to STAND IN LINE to get it! Nope…just cyber your way onto

and look for…


An American Holiday-Turkey,Cranberry Sauce &  Prozac


Ahh, Thanksgiving…complete with the ghosts of holidays past. Those being humiliating memories of last year’s revelry gone wild: the jail cell, tattoo, and rose left on Kristi’s pillow by someone she can’t remember.

Toss in two brothers who, while loving, had needled her with vivid imagery on what might have happened during that fateful rendezvous at the local HoJo’s. I mean seriously, what’s a girl to do? She’d run like hell from Harpers Ferry back to her apartment and job in Alexandria.

She’s praying this year’s holiday runs a bit more traditionally. But between exploding turkeys, cranberry fights, and the winter storm threatening to lock them all together for God only knew how long, she’s fairly certain her Norman Rockwell hopes have flown the coop.

Adding another layer to this casserole of disaster, the high school boyfriend–who cheated on her two days before prom–returns, claiming to have made a horrid mistake all those years ago.

Amid all this, what has her heart flip-flopping is catching her best friend Simon getting cozy with his latest girlfriend.

Thing is, she isn’t sure why.


Two Prizes up for Grabs.

(1) Winner to receive and ARC of An American Holiday (ecopy only) and a $5.00 Amazon

Gift Card

(1) Winner to receive and ARC of An American Holiday  & Ecopy of Updraft


To enter, tell me your most humorous Thanksgiving Memory! (2) Winners selected

randomly on Monday Nov 11th!


May you and yours have a Wonderful & Safe Holiday Season!


Bobbi Romans


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13 responses to “Bobbi Romans and prizes!”

  1. So hmmm, humorous? Haven’t really had that but this was unusual. My family is used your traditional Thanksgiving with turkey, potatoes, etc and then watching football or Home Alone. A couple years ago we went to one of my husband’s relative’s home only to be greeted by Jell-O shots and frozen turkey, yuck! Needless to say, we won’t be going there again.

  2. I remember one year I brought the love of my life, who I thought was my soul mate to Arkansas for Christmas. He was a lawyer, and my dad HATES lawyers, so the moment my dad arrives at my sister’s house, he says.”Has Liza mentioned my opinion of lawyers?”
    “Dad, don’t start,” I warned him.
    “Nothing but W….. (unflattering word for females prostitutes.)
    “A fine howdy do to you as well,” I snap.

    • Ouch!! I’d stepped outside to do something, probably grab a smoke, (I’ve quit now. 3rd week actually) and came back in to Mom belting out “back in my day, it was Quaalude’s.” (sp?) I was like…MOM!!! She just laughed and kept going.

  3. Book sounds great and would love to have a great Thanksgiving story for you but we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia – we only celebrate the day Captain Cook landed, declared the country uninhabited and cleared the way for the English to sail over with boatloads of convicts (including my illustrious ancestors) and massacre the Aborigines. Needless to say I keep a low profile on that day!

  4. My favorite Thanksgiving memory was the year that the three teenage boys decided that the only words they would say all day was Naked. Every word was naked. Everything was naked… There were snickers as something innocent became Naked fun.

    daringzoey at

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