Blog Action Day 2013 #BAD13

Children’s Rights

We have heard of Women’s rights, Gay rights, Freedom of Speech Rights, but what about our children? Across the world, many children are denied the fundamentals we adults take for granted. Shelter, Food, and Safety to name a few. In some countries children are abducted from their schools and forced to serve in the military.  In others, they are enslaved in child prostitution. Some are slandered and blamed for natural occurrences and labeled as witches.

In Africa, children are being called witches by pastors and their own family members. However, this is not your typical exorcism that is being performed. Even the movie The Exorcism doesn’t go into the horrors of these individuals. Razor blades, dousing in gasoline, and forcing acid down a child’s throat are just a few ways of ‘exorcising’ these children. The best these falsely accused children can hope for is abandonment. Many more are tortured and killed.

This is the 21st Century! No one, especially not a child, should be blamed for a cow dying and certainly not by witchcraft. Children are innocent, they are the pure souls. I pity those who accuse these little ones on the day of judgement.

These children look to their family and adults for support and protection, yet find hostility, prejudice, and ignorance. They can not speak out against their accusers. They have no means of hiring lawyers or guards. They have no means of arguing and proving their innocence. No one to stand up for them.

Children are human. They are our offspring.  They should be given all human rights and protected from  poverty, illiteracy, injustice, and all matter of evil.

During the inquisition, the tortures were told not to look into the eyes of an accused ‘witch’ for she would cry false tears and set upon a spell to make them feel compassion. We would be outraged to hear of this happening today, yet it does in Africa were the children are not looked upon as humans with human rights, but the vessel of evil.

Children everywhere are denied basic human rights. I hope that soon, we return their rights to them.

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