How to help

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What if someone you know has told you they are thinking of committing suicide. What should you do? What would you do?

First, even if they act like they are joking – it’s no joking matter. Some will hide their true intentions behind humor. Talk to them. Find out how far they’ve thought this through.

Ask if they’d be willing to talk to someone about their feelings. A counselor or just one of the 1-800 help lines.

Often, they will push their friends away and say you don’t understand them. Don’t give up. Try again. If they won’t listen to you, are they close to someone else that they would be more willing to talk to?

Let them know you are there for them in whatever way they want. If they can’t talk to you, help them find others who can help.  I know it’s hard when you want to reach out and help someone and they attack you verbally. It cuts deeper than a knife coated in alcohol.

But life is worth fight for.  If you can’t help or don’t feel like you can, look up information on what you can do – or call the suicide lines yourself and they can give you information.

5 responses to “How to help”

  1. It’s very important to not let that person be alone. Use your judgement and rally people around the person so a network is created to help make sure the person stays safe. One stray thought is all it takes for a person in that downward spiral, don’t let them be alone when that thought hits them.

  2. Thank you for being part of the hop, Andrea, and for spreading the word about support and seeking help Such an important message.

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