Author Spotlight – Chris Brookes

Entanglement Of Fate

Her lucid visions of his life labelled her delusional, but with a spiritual medium suggesting they were very real, which theory would hold the truth?

EntanglementFate_CoverCompleteSheffield, England, 1912. Nurse Mary O’Driscoll’s sheltered life is set to drastically change when she is called to a police cell by Court Missionary, Robert Elliott, to help with Walter Sanford; a roguishly charismatic, deaf and mute criminal. When Walter collapses and is rushed to hospital, Mary has the first of her vivid out-of-body experiences, which turns her normally organised life into turmoil and forges an undeniable connection with Walter.

Why have the two of them been brought together? Can Mary really accept the possibility of spiritual intervention? How can her feelings for Walter coexist alongside her developing friendship with handsome surgeon, Tom Sharpe? And what links a harrowing crime to a locket found in Walter’s cell?

One thing is certain…the answers have consequences!


Chris Brookes was born in 1960 and lives in Sheffield with his wife and two children.

 After spending time in the army, Chris embarked on a career in musical theatre production and began co-producing touring shows. However, after discussions with his bank manager and the revelation that a mortgage needed to be paid monthly, it was agreed he would also seek a ‘proper job’. Soon he found himself working in service delivery management, but all the while continued to pursue an interest in the stage, writing scripts and organising shows. He also worked on his other passion of painting and has produced numerous limited edition prints of his work.

Chris is currently busy writing the sequel to ‘Entanglement of Fate’, as well as a three-part TV script based on the life of Luisa – Crown  Princess of Tuscany.

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