Random Post – Should appliances be given as gifts for anniversaries or birthdays?

Today, there was a topic that came up on Facebook about buying a vacuum cleaner for an anniversary present.

How is this even a question? I’ll take a gamble and say at least 90% of women would say NO!

A lot of men don’t understand this. (Of course, all of this is my opinion. if you disagree, please leave a comment and share your thoughts)

Let me try to explain why. Many women, myself included, don’t like housework. We love a clean house, but not the work that it takes. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule and I know of one woman who absolutely adores housework – but I bet if I gave her a free cleaning by someone else, she wouldn’t turn the offer away 😉

Unless your spouse or significant other says they love appliances as gifts for their anniversary or birthday, I think it would be best to mark that off your gift registry—at least until they come up with a robot to clean the house (then I’d want two: one for cleaning and the other to cook meals).

So, I’m sure a lot of you are saying, “well, that’s why I bought her xyz appliance to make it easier for her.”

Want to make it easier for her? Suggest she go out with the girls and while she’s gone clean everything you can. That would be a great gift—or just a wonderful surprise and one way to say “I love you.” True, we’d love a new dishwasher if ours is broken, but not as a gift.

I’ll try to explain with an example of why the majority of women would not want an appliance as a gift.

It would be as if you had to mow the grass every day no matter rain, shine, or whatever. It would raise two feet every day—sometimes it would grow two feet every few hours.

It would never end.

And it wouldn’t take an hour, but two or more every day. Then your spouse gives you a new lawnmower as a present for your birthday. “This will save you time!”

Yet, the grass continues to grow.

And with the new equipment, maybe you save a few minutes, but you’d rather have a gift that won’t remind you every day of how fast the grass grows.

4 responses to “Random Post – Should appliances be given as gifts for anniversaries or birthdays?”

  1. My first response is…no way. But of course it depends… if it’s a cool new coffee machine I’ve wanted for ages, then maybe yes:)

  2. I’ll hold my hands up to a ‘depends’ vote here. Twice in my life, I have received a cooker as a present. Both times, it has been because I asked for it, and my hubby tried to talk me out of it! For me, the way I see it is that I love to cook. Behind writing, it’s my favourite thing in the world to do. Both times, we had just moved into houses where the oven in situ was so terribly awful that my second favourite thing in the world to do was being turned into utter misery. Both times, I couldn’t justify such a huge purchase on our limited household budget. Asking for the cooker as a present meant I got what I wanted, and I didn’t have to feel guilty about taking money from the household budget. In other words – I got what I wanted. It made me happy. After all, that’s the idea behind a present.

    Now – if he dared to buy me an iron for my birthday….

    • Yes, of course. If you want an appliance as a gift, then wonderful. I’m talking about when it’s not asked for 😉 or wanted.
      And yes, I’ve done that too when a separate gift would have been too expensive and the ‘appliance’ was the gift.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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