Review – Life After Death by Lillie J. Roberts


Blurb: Chelsea Karmikel has led a pretty uneventful life…until she finds herself electrocuted. Now, she’s discovered her family’s secret heritage. She’s a seer of the dead, lending her sight to help those in need. Ghosts are her new reality.

Her mission is to encourage those who have lost their way to follow the Watchman, the crazed guide for the Inbetween…a way station where souls move from one existence to the next. But, there’s something deeper and darker than the ghosts who come to her for help. If Chelsea’s not careful, those eager to swallow her soul’s light may devour her alive… if she allows herself be drawn into the Nevernever.

When Brad Rearden, a darkly handsome, insufferable private detective and walks into her life, he touches off a wild-fire of desire that entraps them both, scorching them with need.
Together, they work to solve the mystery of his Aunt Deloris’s death, because Chelsea’s next on the murderer’s list. But who will catch whom—the murderer or Chelsea?

My Thoughts: In Life After Death, Chelsea Karmikel has escaped death several times, the last one, an electrocution leaves her with the ability to see and talk to ghosts. Brad Rearden, a private detective, is at first a skeptic – but even he witnesses things he can’t explain. Together they battle both a seen and unseen foe.

If you like thrillers, romance, and The Sixth Sense, this should be on your reading list. Ms. Roberts knows how to keep you turning pages. She builds the tension until you are biting your fingernails to find out what happens next.

The romance between Chelsea and Brad is sweet and shows a logical progression from their first rough meeting until the last kiss. However, it did seem like there could be a sequel for this couple on the horizon?

A thrilling read from beginning to end. It’s not often that a book can make me read every word, often I find myself reading fast to get to the end. Ms. Roberts book kept me reading every word and savoring every scene. I am amazed at the level of story telling by this debut author and would love to read her next novel.

As an added bonus, this ebook is on sale at Amazon this month only for $1.99!

I was given an ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Available at: Crimson Romance ebooks | Amazon | B&N | iTunes

Author Bio:
Lillie J. Roberts lives in central Illinois with her husband, three children, and one wild Westie. She likes to listen to movies when she writes, it doesn’t matter if they’re old or new, as long as they’re engaging. Please visit her and learn more about her books at, and Twitter.

– See more at:

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