My WIP – Vampire with Amnesia


Chapter One

I woke to darkness and a copper taste upon my tongue. I lifted my hand to rub my face and hit something solid an inch above me. Where was I?

I was encased somehow.

I pounded upon the silken covered wood above me, and kicked with my feet, but nothing happened. No matter how I punched and kicked, I could not break free.

“Help me,” I yelled and added pounding of my fists to my words. “Let me out!”

Nothing. No murmured voices or laughter.

I screamed until my voice grew hoarse as I continued to beat and thrash, but no one answered. I tore at the silk padding along the sides. Solid wood.

My breath panted as I frantically searched in the darkness for an opening. No light came through my prison. How is it that there was no light?

I was bleeding from scratching and pounding on the unyielding wood. Blackness surrounded me and I felt my breath hitch. Was I to die here? Or was I dead? Was this my hell?

I scored the sizes until my fingers went numb. Soon I would suffocate. Already I felt the air stale with my hyperventilating. This was a dream. A nightmare. Another moment and I’ll be awake shaking my head at the reality of this. I closed my eyes and focused my breathing to calm myself.  Sleep.  I was asleep. Using my left hand, I pinched my other arm hard enough to bruise.


Using both hands I pressed above me hoping to leverage the top off or move it slightly. But the wooden cage refused to open. I beat at my enclosure but nothing budged, not that I expected it to now. But I refused to give up; I would not die in here. There had to be a way out.  A lock or something. Even a cell has a lock.

I ran my hand down the top as far as I could reach. Only silk and wood rubbed my fingers. Felt the edges of the hinges, but they were on the outside.

Fighting down bile that slowly crept into the back of my throat; I ran my hand down the left side as well. One side to go. Holding onto hope, I ran my hand down the right side. Then my fingers felt a metal latch. I yanked at it and my prison creaked open.

I scrambled out. My fists clenched and ready for a fight for whoever had put me in there. But no laughter greeted me. No sounds, no one.

Looking at my prison, I realized I had been in a coffin. How had I ended up in that?

If this was a prank, I’d lock them up in a coffin with no latch on the inside. And why did it have a latch? Didn’t most coffins contain the dead and could only be opened from the outside?

Who would have done this to me? I searched my memory, but realized I remembered nothing. Not the day before, my name, just emptiness.

Maybe I was dead then? Or in hell?

As I gathered my bearing, a glance around still as confused by my surroundings as I was about who I was or how I ended up here. The chamber was dark, like a basement without windows. I saw melted candles lined around the outer edge of a small room. No candle was lit though.

My eyes adjusted somehow and I made out a spider web dangling from a light fixture. How was it then that I could see now, but I couldn’t before in the coffin?

Across the cement floor grooves carved a path from a foot away from me and into the darkness as though something was heavy were dragged across the floor.

I ran a hand over my face and saw a glint of gold. Staring at my hand, I turned it around. There was a gold wedding ring on my left hand. Married?

Racked my brain, but couldn’t remember anything. No face, no name of my husband. Hell, I didn’t even know what my own name was let alone what my face looked like. Who was I?

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