S is for The Sisters of Trung

The Trung Sisters lived in Vietnam and were military leaders. For more than three years, they prevented Chinese invasion. This is substantial because they lived during the thousand year Chinese occupation of their country. With an army containing mostly women that they recruited, they battled the Chinese out of their village. It is thought that to convince the people to join them in their army, they killed a man-eating tiger.

The Trung sisters chose thirty-six women, including their mother, and trained them to be generals. Many names of leaders of the uprising recorded in temples dedicated to Trung are women. These women led a people’s army of 80,000 which drove the Chinese out of Viet Nam in 40 A.D. The Trung sisters, of whom the younger sister proved to be the better warrior, liberated six-five fortresses including Nam Viet. [1]

Their country promoted them to Queens and they suppressed the Chinese for two years. They lived in a time when Vietnamese women enjoyed freedoms forbidden them in later centuries. For example, women could inherit property through their mother’s line and become political leaders, judges, traders, and warriors. [1]

It is believed that the Chinese army not only grew to put down the sisters, but battled naked to shame and distract the women soldiers. The Chinese succeeded. In order to protect their honor and who knows what at the hands of the Chinese, the two sisters drowned themselves in the  Hát river.

Many wonder if there would not be a separate Vietnam country if these sisters had not rebelled against the Chinese.


[1] http://www.womeninworldhistory.com/heroine10.html

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