E is for Erszebet Bathory and Eufaine Macalyne

Two E’s for this day, but both are short.


Erszebet Bathory’s rumored death toll of 610 young women. She was born in Hungary peaks which are now part of Romania. She believed that daily baths in the blood of young girls would make her young. She kept a thorough dairy detailing her sanguinary bathing, which was used as the evidence of her trial. After a guilty verdict, Erszebet was walled up in her castle, where it is assumed she died three years later. Or maybe she was a female Dracula?


Eufaine Macalyne was a medieval Scottish woman who during childbirth, asked for some herbs to ease the pain. Instead she got charged with witchcraft and was burned alive. No record as to whether or not she gave birth first or what happened to the baby. Ironically, if Eufaine had asked for a Christian charm to tie around her thigh to ease the pain, she wouldn’t have been killed.

Anything other than this ‘charm’ in 1591 Scottland was considered a capital offense.

I wonder what they would have thought about hypnobirthing? Lol



Uppity Women of Medieval Times by Vicki Leon

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